How It Works

How doesn’t it work? Our Photobooth is about as user-friendly and customizable as they come. And your guests can enjoy taking photos and videos:

  • At the stationary Hi-Fi Photobooth photo/video booth itself
  • On the Hi-Fi Mobile Booth around the event space
  • On smartphones throughout the location with the ability to upload photos using Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter


Give it a makeover.


Hi-Fi Photobooth can be completely wrapped with branding that complements your event to the tee.


Add something personal to the mix. Pre-load your custom graphics into the Photobooth software or have us design something for you—so your branding can make a debut in:

  • Photobooth graphic borders (horizontal 4X6, or 2X6 vertical photo strip)

  • Social feed graphic borders (vertical 4X6)
  • User Interface 
  • Welcome Screen
  • Take Photo Screen
  • Filters Screen
  • Edit Photo Screen
  • Data Collection Screen
  • Sharing/Print Screen
  • Photo Gallery Screen


Trust us, you’ll want to share this.

Live Streaming

Don’t wait to post until the next day. Our Photobooth features:

  • Live streaming to Facebook, Twitter, or any FTP site 
  • Touchscreen uploading from Photobooth via email
  • Custom hashtags that can be pre-selected to post simultaneously with photos to Facebook and Twitter

*Photos posted to Facebook will appear in your personal photo gallery and those uploaded to Twitter will be published as individual tweets using your hashtag.

Social Media Screen Sharing Example


We’ve integrated our software with the most popular mobile photo/video application in the world—Instagram—so you can upload, customize, and print your favorite shots using Photobooth. Simply take a photo or video on your smartphone, tag it with a pre-determined hashtag so that our booth can locate it, and then find it in the "social feed" gallery on the Hi-Fi Photobooth touchscreen. Once it’s there, users can:

  • Print it (photos only)
  • Email it
  • Share it directly to Facebook and Twitter


We hope you have a lot of free wall space because by the time the function is over, you’ll have a ton of frames to buy. Your printing options include:

  • Custom branded 4X6 horizontal prints or 2X6 vertical photo strips from stationary and mobile Photobooths
  • Photo Strip Print Examples
  • Smartphone snapshots (including Instagram and Twitter photos sent to the booth from a smartphone) converted into custom branded 4X6 vertical prints
  • High-speed, dye-sublimation printing at speeds of 15-20 prints per minute
  • Simultaneous and duplicate photo printing 


We can get personal if you want us to. The Hi-Fi Photobooth can turn on survey questions depending on your needs. And of course, you can opt out of this service entirely. All data collected is available as a Microsoft Excel CSV file from the Hi-Fi Photobooth unit and includes:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Mailing Address (City, State, Zip)
  • Phone
  • Birthday
  • Gender
  • Data Collection Screen Example


Like facts and figures? Choose a time frame and analyze how many photos were taken, how many were printed, how many photos were emailed, and how much media was shared to each social media platform. You get the picture.

  • Data Reporting Screen Example

You can manually clear the statistics and reset them to zero at any time so you can track reporting during the time frame of your choice.